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Neptune White 8g mini

Neptune White 8g mini

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Neptune white is a 2023 Da Xue Shan Ye Sheng White. The flavor is bright, piney, lemonade-esc and refreshing.
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Customer Reviews

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Esther Liu
Super refreshing

Broke off part of the 8g biscuit so this is about 5g in 450ml, brewed grandpa style with 205F. The smell very strongly reminds me of the general profile of yabao with the pine notes. Taste is quite lemony upfront, followed by pine, and both notes blend and dance around in equal harmony. No bitterness, very light astringency in the finish but that adds to making it a refreshing brew rather than being a negative. If you're a yabao fan or just want a bright white tea, this would very much be your alley. I can also see this being a great summer iced tea contender!


I steeped this grandpa style and it was floral and piney throughout. I loved the buds that drifted off the cake as it steeped. I'm sad I can't get this in a larger portion.

Marshall Barnes
Fantastic little white tea that preforms better than it looks

I brewed this grandpa-style with a boiling water rinse to loosen up the cake. The leaves have a somewhat rustic presentation but there are a good number of buds, and the flavor is absolutely fantastic. Floral-forward with hints of spicy vegetal and citrus, like fresh radish leaves in an orchard of lemon trees. Light astringency in the finish, with a lasting aroma that lingers on the tongue. Honestly I just regret not buying more.