About US/FAQ

We are: six foot one and tons of fun! Just kidding. Nobody here is six foot one. And most of the time we are only moderately amusing. But we do like tea and we hope you will enjoy our highly curated selection.




What’s with the little f in front of FAQ (frequently asked questions)?


The little f stand for fake as I’m writing this before the website has been launched and therefore no questions have been asked, let alone frequently.


So who is asking these questions?


You are.


You mean you are.


Yes, seeing as we are the same person.


You’re talking to yourself again.


That’s nothing new. Also, so are you. You got any questions for me or what?


How’d you come up with this particular selection of teas?


These are all teas that I like. A lot of Chinese teas but I also love Darjeelings and plan on having a rotating cast of them. Generally, I look for a flavor profile that is full and complex.


Are your teas organic?


Some are and those are noted.


Do you have a brick and mortar store?


No. But I’m working on having a retail presence. I’ll post here as I get them lined up.


Are you available for tea tastings?


Yes! Right now only in the Houston Area. Contact us