Collection: Diabolical Genius Press

Diabolical Genius Press was created in the year of our lord 2006. Back then my wife and I were in a bassoon trio/quartet called The BlackLight Bassoon Ensemble. We commissioned a bunch of pieces and recorded them. The album, Black Light, is streaming in all places good and holy. We started the press in order to print the sheet music of the pieces we recorded. In 2013 we published The Flase Lark by my fellow firefighter and pal, Tim Krcmarik. In 2017 we published, The Banana of Life, a manual of bassoon reed making. In 2024 we are proud to publish Easy Listening, Tim's third book of poetry. 

We hope to have more books of poems and a second edition of The Banana of Life in the near future. As always, Diabolical Genius Press remains a repository of hope for poets and bassoonist alike.