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Moon Balloon Shu + Shai Hong blend aprox 6g

Moon Balloon Shu + Shai Hong blend aprox 6g

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Moon Ballon is a blend of Moon Ballon is a blend of ripe puerh Yongde made from 2022 spring sheng which was fermented to shu in 2023 and 2023 Mengku Shai Hong black tea. The ripe puerh brings a deep chocolaty richness while the shai hong adds raspberry jam. The flavors come together like a raspberry chocolate tort.

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Lee Charlton
Moon Balloon Shu

A haiku gone rogue:

Hello, friend moon
Crisp nights, clear skies, tinge of frost
Moon Balloon Shu, take me there
Goodnight, friend moon

Lovely tea!

Big dessert vibes!

I brewed this grandpa-style, 205F in a big mug and the tasting description is pretty on point. The taste and aroma both start off with that recognizeable shou earthiness and chocolate syrupy sweetness, then it transitions to thick raspberry jam which adds another layer of sweetness. It really is like drinking a raspberry chocolate tort. The most interesting thing about this is that the finish is very lubricating; long after the sip, there is still lasting sweetness it still feels like my mouth is coated with a layer of raspberry jam. Overall lovely and interesting blend!