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Intergalactic Tea

Nadeshiko Fermented Black

Nadeshiko Fermented Black

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Tastings of carmelized sugar and plums, this tea doesn't quit fit into any category.   It is fermented but its flavor profile is closer to a black tea.

The tea follows an unusual series of transformation techniques... withering, rolling, kneading and sterilization. Then, in a controlled chamber, a single spore of Aspergillus awamori, which is also used to make alcohol, is introduced. The leaves are then stabilized by drying and sorting. 

The leaves contains more citric and gallic acid, and catechins, than most green teas. The transformation process also creates large amounts of polyphenols called Teadenol A and Teadenol B.

That's great, but the main reason to drink the tea is that it is unique and delicious.

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