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Intergalactic Tea

Japanese Green Tea Sampler

Japanese Green Tea Sampler

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Five premium green teas from Japan. 25 grams each of:

1) Space City Sencha #1: This tea comes from the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan. It has floral and fruity aroma. It's herbaceous notes give way to background flavors of corn, mango, and hazelnuts. This is a great tea for anyone starting to discover Japanese teas.

2) Karma Karma Kamairicha #1: In order make green tea, it needs to be cooked in order to stop oxidization. Most Japanese green teas achieve this by steaming. Most Chinese do this by pan frying. Kamairicha tea Is a Japanese green tea that pan fries the tea. This tea perfectly combines the roasted savory flavors of our Intergalactic Green and the bright green of the Sencha #2 Ashikobo.

3) Kuiper Belt Kukicha: Japanese green tea processed like Sencha with added twigs. The yellow-green liquor is rich in texture along with scents of fresh herbs and nut butter.

4) Cherry Blossom Sencha: This sencha blended with sugared cherry blossom leaves and cherry blossom petals. The sent of cherry blossoms is strong and lends a flora creaminess to the infusion.

5) Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha: 40g can

You also get brewing instructions and the poem 'Tortoise' by Tim Krcmarik.
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