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Intergalactic Tea

Dragon Robe

Dragon Robe

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"Zi Hong Pao" is a purple varietal that's a naturally mutated offshoot from the classic Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) varietal.  It's also called Jiu Long Pao (9 Dragon Robe) The leaves of purple tea bushes have a purple/red/green color.

If you are a fan of Big Red Robe, I'd highly recommend this purple leaf version of that tea. And I also recommend brewing this gong fu style.  You can brew this style with just a brew basket and cup. Use more leaf and shorter steeps. Start with a 10 second infusion. The second through the fifth infusions are really full and exciting to drink. The 6th through 8th infusions are still quite strong and pungent but need longer steep times.

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